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This feeder is another one that was on my short list of best post mounted bird feeders. It’s made by the same people as the last one, but this one isn’t a fly through and has a hinged top. Because my pole is so high off the ground I would’ve needed to use a ladder to refill the feeder each time and that was just gonna be too much trouble. After much searching for the best post mounted bird feeders out there, I came across this one from MtnWoodworkingCrafts and it was really just what I was looking for.

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  • Ground feeders add a beautiful and diverse touch to any feeding station at any time of year.
  • Our exclusively-formulated Seed Cylinders and Stackables keep birds at the feeders longer because they have to work to remove seeds.
  • Nutsie Bird Seed log has sunflower seeds and mixed nuts to put in its holder.
  • The best tray feeders have a screened, rather than solid, bottom to promote complete drainage; at the very least, tray feeders should have several drainage holes.
  • Birds messing seeds below our bird feeders is just a fact of life.
  • They’re easy to fill and are capable of housing our small or large (4.5 lbs) seed cylinders as well as our Seed and Suet Stackables.
  • The delivery is efficient and a customer service is on standby incase the product gets some problem after you opened it.

I recommend that if you do not have a wide window, then placing it in the fence will also do the trick. This will surely help you out get rid of the bird droppings, which may need plenty of cleaning if mounted by the window. If you do not have a choice, placing it parallel to the bushes might just do the trick. The fact that it can be rotated 360 degrees will surely make things a lot easier. Green Esteem normally produces really good products for birds.

How To Choose The Right Kind Of Bird Feeder

This is a smaller version of a recycled tray feeder that suctions right to your window. You can use your favorite seed blend OR I prefer the Large woodpecker cake because it holds together making it less messy than the loose blends. The drainage tray is removable making it easy to clean and the heavy-duty suction cups ensure that it won’t fall off your window. With a width of over 40cm, Gardman promise it will hold 1.1kg of seed mix or 3.3kg of suet treats. Black oil sunflower seeds are likely to attract a wide range of birds. From chickadees,finches, titmice, grosbeaks, nuthatches and sparrows to cardinals, jays, mourning doves, and woodpeckers.

Suet Feeder And Bird Suet Feeding Tips

Make sure you blunt the cheap espresso machine edges of the metal so the birds won’t get injured. Fix them on a tree trunk, and you’ll have a brilliant repurposed bird feeders for your backyard. Now, this bird feeder is a top class idea for hummingbirds. It stores nectar in a glass tube, which has a small pretty umbrella for a roof. It seems like a place a bird would want to go on a vacation to.

Bird Feeder Accessories

Nyjer and wild finch blend seed are recommended by the manufacturer. You might like to add the Stokes Select 9-Inch Diameter Clear Plastic Jumbo Bird Seed Catch Tray to your feeder setup. Exercise caution when filling with thistle, as it may become moldy. The manufacturer recommends soaking in a solution of 9 parts water to one part bleach. However, I prefer to use white vinegar, and you will find instructions to do this below. Referred to by Birds Choice as “indestructible,” the company guarantees that this feeder is built to last.

Nature Anywhere Window Bird Feeder

You can use your hands, a slingshot or a blow gun for this process. Try to toss the food close to the Purple Martin house and in a wide arc that floats slightly above the house. I love these feeders but have had various parts break through the years, mostly from the feeder being dropped on a hard surface, not through regular use.

A band clamp held all of the pieces together while the glue set. I counter-sunk the screw heads and then filled the holes with plugs cut from maple. I like the contrasting look of the light colored maple plugs against the darker reddish mahogany hues of the base. You’ll have those feathered visitors flocking to your windows whether you have your sights set on hummingbirds, orioles, finches, or simply a wide variety of birds. Get inspired to make your porch your new favorite living space with these ideas designed to add a refined look to any outdoor space.

Quick Orange Wreath Diy Oriole Feeder:

Good thing many companies have now came up with different versions of squirrel proof feeders. With a good squirrel proof feeder in your backyard, it is now possible for birders to enjoy their coffee while watching the colorful birds enjoy their morning food. A bird feeder that you can fill with a variety of seeds will attract the most birds. So a tube or hopper feeder that can be filled with a bird seed mix would be best as opposed to a specialized feeder, such as thistle or sunflower seeds only or cardinal feeders. Sky Cafe is a hanging bird feeder that is a squirrel proof bird feeder favorite and great fun to watch.

In addition, it is built with a weather guard to keep feed fresh and crispy throughout the torrid rainy months, nipping the all too familiar problem of clogging in the bud. Birds and rodents both love to eat seeds; so where there’s one, there’s likely to be the other. Squirrels, mice, and rats can invade feeders; and they’re particularly fond of foraging on the ground for spilled seed and hulls. To keep rodents of all kinds away from your bird feeder, you need to manage the mess the birds leave behind.

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