Quinta do Silval will soon open a Wine Club available for lovers of good quality wines, which will eventually be an extension of its wine shop. The Club is intended for the hotel guests visiting the Estate, or for those who simply love its wines, and its purpose is to make the link between the Estate and its visitors last longer in time and space, as they have had the opportunity of enjoying the property and the genuine family welcome, or have simply enjoyed one of our wines in another place and at another time.

The Wine Club of Quinta do Silval will be yet another customised service offered by the Magalhães family to our guests, bringing in unique advantages, for e.g., you will be able to enjoy a certain wine before it is launched in the market, or even receive the wine anywhere in the world.

This project idealised by the Magalhães family aims to strengthen the relationship between its clients and the wine estate and the family, generating interaction and overcoming geographical barriers.