The SABORES DO SILVAL Restaurant, a flagship of the emblematic surrounding area, has taken on a life of its own and is spreading its aroma all around. Its meals are extremely well organised and use excellent prime products. The Restaurant attracts many guests and has become an asset to its community, due to the quality that lingers longer in the mouth of those who have the chance of tasting its dishes and reputed wines.

Cuisine is taken very seriously by the Magalhães family, who indulge their clients with some of the most typical local dishes, such as the traditional transmontano suckling kid, made to order, which delights hotel guests and visitors. Dishes are chosen according to the freshest available seasonal products. With luck, you might have the chance of tasting roasted octopus, different types of cod dishes, rabbit pie, and regional sausages and desserts.

The restaurant’s atmosphere, with the burning fireplace in winter and the sun shining on the historical terraces in the summer, makes each meal a once-in-a-lifetime experience of pleasure and comfort.


Portugal 2020: Ficha do Projeto