Wine and Tapas Tasting

What if we put together a selection of wines of international standing with the best local Douro tapas? At Quinta do Silval, we have a selection of tapas waiting for you. You can taste the famous Douro sausages, the Favaios bread, olives from our Estate, and a choice of cheeses. These delicacies can be tasted with award-winning wines from our Estate.

You can taste from the Dorna Velha Grande Reserva Tinto, the Porto Magalhães LBV, the Reserva Especial Ruby, and the Vintage Port Wine. The latter is best enjoyed with the finest dry fruits, rich cheeses and a selection of chocolate desserts available to you in this wine and tapas tasting. We have all that you need to feel like you are in a typical Portuguese home. Booking in advance is recommended.

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